Budgeting for Holidays

Most people have tried it – spending more on the holidays than intended. It comes as a surprise again and again. What is it with money and budgets that do not work? People split up because of money. It is an invisible force from our subconscious mind that tricks us to buy stuff we can not afford at the given moment.


The best way to stop spending too much money over the holidays is to set a budget for how much you can spend, especially for gifts, and then stick with it, no matter what. Even if your subconscious mind tells you it is okay to go over by a little.

Do it outside the holidays too, and budgeting carefully will eventually become second nature. If you do it at all times it should be no problem in the holidays as well.

Sixty-one percent of Americans, for example, either does not have an annual household budget or feel it is difficult to stick with it. Out of those who have tried to keep a household budget, fifty percent gave up trying to follow it. Your subconscious mind is doing its thing even if your bank balance doesn’t like it.

The best way to maintain financial discipline might be to stop using credit cards. If you know you do not have enough money to buy something and purchase it this month, then maybe you should not buy it at all. Without a credit card in your pocket, you can not be tricked by your own mind to buy anything.

Maybe you have doubts about whether you should spend anything on holidays or not! We do think it’s well worth investing in some time for quality rest and relaxation, especially with family and friends away from work and normal life. With a little effort it doesn’t have to be too difficult to budget wisely and get a huge amount of value out of your trip.