The best of Lombok

When it comes to travelling in India, tourists are most likely to visit Bali as their primary destination. But little did you know that Lombok is one of the best destination to explore in India. Even though Lombok is not as well known, the hidden area offers many great places and activities. Let’s take a look at the following features of Lombok and why it’s worth a visit.

Gili Islands

For tourists who loves going to the beach, you can head off to the Gili Islands in Lombok. The Island is divided into three small islands, and they are known as Trawangan, Meno and Air. Each island is unique, and they all offer something different. You will find a variety of beaches, bars and hotel in Gili Trawangan. Normally Trawangan is the most active islands out of the three. If you feel like relaxing or having a small get away from the crowd, you can always make your way to Gili Meno. Meno is the smallest and most peaceful island. However, if you like to get active, it’s best to try Gili Air as they provide plenty of water activities including fishing, snorkelling, diving and much more.

Festival events

If you’re up for experiencing something new, you can join the Sea Worm Festival held in Lombok. It’s a lively festival that celebrates the story about a mythical princess who drowned herself in the waters of Lombok just to escape a fixed marriage set up by her parent. The festival takes place in mid February. The celebration consists of parades, catching and eating a sea worm from the waters.

Lombok also holds some other religious festivals including the Hari Raya and Senggigi Festival. The Hari Raya is celebrated with a fun feast after the Ramadan. The Senggigi Festival is celebrated to support tourism in the area.

Spicy foods and chilli spices

If you love trying out traditional foods or you simply love spicy foods, then Lombok is the best place to try some hot dishes. The word Lombok itself stands for chilli in Indonesia. There are plenty of restaurants in Lombok that offers a variety of hot dishes using their famous Lombok chilli spices. One of their popular chilli spices consists of their locally grown Naga Jolokia peppers, shrimp paste and garlic.

Shop for pearls

A place in Mataram called the Sekarbela village is known for their shops filled with many affordable pearls. This place is perfect for pearl lovers. The community also holds an activity where you can watch the local people farm their pearls.

Mount Rinjani

The Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. You can make your way on the top volcano of Mount Rinjani within several days. Many tourists trek this amazing volcano just to see one of the most beautiful sunrises in India. But be aware that the journey to the top is not as easy as you think.

Local crafts

You will find numerous villages all around Lombok that showcases different kinds of traditional handicrafts. Most of their handicrafts are traditional and reflect the heritage and culture of the locals on the island. You can learn about different crafts including pottery, carvings and weavings. Some villagers offer activities where you can learn how to carve or create your pottery.

Historic places and diverse culture

Lombok is filled with great historical places and diverse culture. One of the most historic places to visit is the Mayura Water Palace. The palace was built in the 18th century and was previously owned by royalties.

Lombok is homed to different groups of culture and religion background including the Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims. Each group can peacefully live together in the same islands of Lombok.