Useful Apps for Travelling


Apps are becoming a useful tool for many things including travelling. Whether you’re trying to find a cheap hotel or a place to eat, we’re pretty sure there’s an app for that. So to make your travelling smooth and hassle-free, we’ve listed a few useful apps that can help you during your travel.


Whether you’re booking an accommodation a few days before your travel or in advance, Airbnb is your best friend for booking affordable accommodations. Airbnb tends to be private owners who hire a spare room or a flat to travellers in their area. They usually are cheaper than booking a room in a hotel and can sometimes be even less expensive than hostel if the flat is shared

uberUber or Lyft

You have probably heard of Uber which is one of the most popular apps for looking for a taxi near you. Uber is much more favourable and much safer than calling a taxi as you’ll be able to track where you’re going, and all information about the driver is visible. Uber also tends to be cheaper than a regular taxi. Just keep in mind that you’re more likely to find an Uber in popular cities rather than small locations. If you’re unable to find any uber, we recommend an alternative app which is called Lyft.

Airline App

Airline app is useful for travelling as it allows you to download your boarding pass digitally straight to your mobile devices. This app is super helpful for travellers who tend to keep their phone with them at all times. There would be no need for bringing any paper documents with you apart from your passport. The app is compatible with most airlines including British Airways, Thompson and many others. Another useful feature includes notifications alerts whenever there’s a delay or changes to your flight.