Accommodation & Attractions Near London Bridge

There are thousands of tourists travelling through London every day, looking for all the best attractions as well as great accommodation to keep them comfortable while they enjoy their visit. London Bridge is one of the main historical draws in the centre of the city, even if this is partly due to confusion with the famous Tower Bridge! It also happens to make an excellent central point from which to reach some of London’s other main attractions, so hotels and serviced apartments near London Bridge are among the most desirable in the city.

The Shard

The Thames is of course one of Europe’s most famous rivers and certainly the most iconic in the UK. London Bridge was the only crossing until 1729, making it a vital element of the local economy. The bridge itself does serve as an excellent vantage point for getting a view of Tower Bridge, as it’s the next one along the Thames. Around this area on the water, you can take the Thames Clipper or a relaxed cruise down the river to get a close-up view of the bridge and the waterside.

Today London Bridge is supplemented by many more bridges at various points along the river, connecting the different business and tourist areas within central London. The Shard can be found on one side of London Bridge, offering the best views in the city and overlooking the bridge itself. On the other side you’ll find Canary Wharf, the busy business district. The Tower of London is also close by – just a short walk away you can visit the historic castle and explore the grounds.

Getting around beyond the immediate vicinity is easy, especially if you get yourself an Oyster Card and make use of the local buses and tube trains. There are several London Underground stations close to either end of London Bridge, so you can easily hop to the next area or get back to your accommodation after an evening walk by the river. As we mentioned, there is plenty of luxury accommodation to be found right nearby due to the great transport links and proximity to major attractions.

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