Seaside Cafes & Restaurants To Visit

The UK offers some of the most underrated and spectacular coastlines in Europe, as well as some great beaches, harbours and seafront towns that make the ideal relaxing destination for local and foreign tourists. The food is often what makes a trip like this, so here are some of our favourite seaside locations if you’re looking for a top notch meal.

Fifteen Cornwall

The Magpie Cafe, Whitby

Locally famous for offering the best fish and chips in the region, The Magpie Cafe is situated right on the harbour front in this historic fishing town and is perfect for anyone seeking an incredible example of this staple British dish. Not only is the fish famous, but the creative desserts are also worth a taste.

Fifteen Cornwall, Watergate Bay

This excellent and quirky restaurant is another one situated right on the beach, surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of the British coast. The surroundings are breathtaking, and as an added bonus, the food is incredible thanks to the input of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who created the concept. Continue reading

The Best Seafood Restaurants In the UK

It’s not always easy to find the best quality seafood in UK restaurants, as many of us live too far from the shore to see much fresh fish. However, to save you the hassle of scouring the country looking for the absolute best luxury seafood restaurants, we’ve already done the digging for you. Here is a selection including some of our favourites.

Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant, Padstow, Cornwall –

Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

This place is understandably busy as a result of its association with one of Britain’s most respected celebrity chefs, but it’s surprisingly relaxed and takes inspiration from all over the world when it comes to the food. However, being set on the Cornish coast there’s nothing better than enjoying some authentic British seafood here.

Inver Restaurant, Argyll, Scotland –

Inver Restaurant

Situated right next to Loch Fyne, this seafood restaurant specialises in sustainable and traditional Scottish cooking. Mussels, crab and langoustines are some of the best offerings here, with much more on the menu to satisfy any seafood lover.

Rocksalt, Folkestone, Kent –

Rocksalt Restaurant

This fabulous seafront restaurant in a premier spot at the harbour in Folkestone serves up some of the best seafood (and cocktails) you’ll find for miles around. Rocksalt is also a hotel, so you can enjoy the incredible views from the comfort of your bedroom too, but we highly recommend the restaurant with its specialities including local whelks, raw scallop salads and authentic taramasalata. Continue reading

5 Best Restaurants in the UK

starter food UK
When you are visiting the United Kingdom, you do not have to worry about where you can take your favourite meal and dish because there are so many restaurants that can meet your needs. There are many restaurants that serve dishes from different cultures from all parts of the world that will make you feel satisfied. If you are the kind of person who likes trying meals from different parts of the world, you can be assured that you will be satisfied when you visit the UK given the many restaurants where you can get exactly what you want. Below are some of the best restaurants in UK.


This is one of the best restaurants that serve high quality dishes prepared by some of the greatest chefs in the country. You’ll be served with innovative and contemporary British dishes in this ultra-modern restaurant. In addition, the selection of wines available is unrivalled, and considering the level of service and the quality of the food this is not one of the most expensive choices.

Midsummer House

Midsummer House is another popular restaurant in the UK that serves people with different needs in terms of meals. It is an elegant, contemporary European cuisine that is served in the high stylish surroundings of a walled Victorian house. When you visit these restaurants you will get dishes such as truffle, scallops, raspberry, truffle and many others that you will enjoy. The dishes are sold at wide range of prices, but one thing you can be assured is that you will get a dish that suits you even if you are operating on a budget.

scallops UK Continue reading