The Best Wester Ross Holiday Cottages for your UK Short Break

When it comes to British minibreak destinations, Scotland’s rural Wester Ross region, located in the Northwest Highlands, sets the bar pretty high. With picture-perfect vistas, amazing wildlife, and so much to see and explore, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere better to spend a couple of relaxing nights.

You can stay in traditional lodgings, on the shores of Scotland’s famous lochs, spending your days hiking, exploring or just chilling out, and your nights enjoying characterful bucolic pubs with new friends. Here’s some of the very best cottages for you to choose from, allowing you to create the perfect Scottish getaway.

An Cos, Shieldaig

An Cos

An Cos image © An Cos Shieldaig


This luxury highland holiday cottage sits on the shores of Loch Shieldaig, and is not only breathtakingly beautiful and secluded but is also relatively easy to get to. Featuring luxury self-catering facilities, as well as local award-winning restaurants, there’s plenty of options when it comes to food.

This traditionally styled, but modern built cottage is perfect for a family, or a group of up to 10 people. The local village, Shieldaig, offers lots of different activities and sports, not to mention a top-notch pub. It’s also utterly gorgeous, and a conservation village.




Cruinn Leum Round House, Toscaig

Cruinn Leum Round House

Cruinn Leum Round House image © Unique Cottages

When it comes to finding a really unique option for your highland getaway holiday cottage, look no further. The Cruinn Leum Round House in Toscaig offers luxury, environmentally friendly lodging, with an original twist. As the name suggests, it’s a quirky round house!

With its ancient looks, spectacular views and luxuriously designed interior, this cottage was originally built as an artist’s retreat but has since proved incredibly popular with a holidaymakers. This is perfect accommodation for a couple or small family. Continue reading

Why shepherds huts are gaining popularity with UK travellers?

Shepherds huts have been around since the 14th and 15th centuries. Originally they were used as temporary accommodation for shepherds looking after their flocks in the field. Hundreds of years laters, and Shepherds huts are once again popular but with a new purpose. Restyled as the new ‘middle class must-have accessory’, these huts are being transformed into beautiful accommodation that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Shepherds huts are extremely versatile, which makes them popular with travellers. They include the essential home comforts such as heating, cooking and washing facilities all wrapped up in a traditional style shepherds hut – this makes them very appealing to travellers looking for something different.

Why shepherds huts are popular today?

The British people are in love with the charm and versatility of shepherds huts. One of the major reasons for their popularity is ‘glamping’, the recent concept of luxury camping. Due to the financial instability caused by recessions and Brexit, many people can’t afford to go abroad for a holiday. Instead, they are choosing UK-based holidays, and glamping allows people to get away without spending large amounts of money on accommodation. As the popularity of glamping has increased, the facilities have evolved to include new favourites such as Shepherd Huts and sleeping pods. You can still take part in the regular outdoor activities enjoyed by many on a camping holiday, enjoy the natural views and avoid the crowds. These huts give you all the same benefits of camping but with some of the home luxuries you wouldn’t expect. Modern shepherds huts are very well designed. There are double glazed windows, a strong roof, en-suite bathrooms, a fire pit and other luxuries. For the tranquility and peace it offers, the shepherds huts are becoming popular holiday lodgings in the UK.

Many British people now enjoy spending their holidays in a shepherds hut. They like to go to a seaside or rural destinations across England, Scotland and Wales. Popular locations for staying in a shepherd huts include the Norfolk Broads, Lake District, Scottish Highlands and Peak District. As more people are holidaying in the UK, it also contributes positively to the British economy.

Features of a modern shepherds hut

In addition to holiday accommodation, modern shepherds huts are being used in everyday environments. Designed according to your requirements, huts can be used as an extra bedroom, children’s playroom or Summer house. You can choose roughly sawn woods like Cedar or Oak as the exterior, and painted wood finishes and corrugated steel are also used for the exterior. You can find these in different colors. You can customise the interior of the hut according to your own requirements. Modern huts are fully insulated to protect you from harsh weather conditions. These huts have everything you need for a modern living. Continue reading

Accommodation & Attractions Near London Bridge

There are thousands of tourists travelling through London every day, looking for all the best attractions as well as great accommodation to keep them comfortable while they enjoy their visit. London Bridge is one of the main historical draws in the centre of the city, even if this is partly due to confusion with the famous Tower Bridge! It also happens to make an excellent central point from which to reach some of London’s other main attractions, so hotels and serviced apartments near London Bridge are among the most desirable in the city.

The Shard

The Thames is of course one of Europe’s most famous rivers and certainly the most iconic in the UK. London Bridge was the only crossing until 1729, making it a vital element of the local economy. The bridge itself does serve as an excellent vantage point for getting a view of Tower Bridge, as it’s the next one along the Thames. Around this area on the water, you can take the Thames Clipper or a relaxed cruise down the river to get a close-up view of the bridge and the waterside. Continue reading

Different UK Holiday Destinations

If you are looking for the perfect UK holiday offers, you will need to check with British Airways, Virgin Airways, and Thomas Cook for any particularly good deals. You can plan your entire trip to the UK with local travel agencies, or choose to find your own packages online. Some UK holiday offers will take you beyond England to Wales, Scotland or Ireland where you will find many different things to see and do.


Ireland is known as an ideal destination if you want to find beautiful gardens, historic theatres, and modern cities dotted around alongside spectacular coastlines and unspoilt green views. There are plenty of historical buildings and landmarks to visit, with many Irish castles and stately homes being popular among visitors. It’s also easy to travel to from the coast of England, so if you’re doing a tour of the UK it’s easy to spend a day or two seeing some different sights in Ireland.

Wales is perfect if you want to find a remote, quiet getaway in the countryside that’s a world away from cluttered and polluted urban cities. Much of the hilly landscape is completely unspoilt, so you’ll be able to feel at one with nature tucked away in a remote cottage, or just relax visiting a small seaside town. However, if you’re interested in the more vibrant areas of Wales you need only visit the impressive city of Cardiff, a great regional hotspot for culture and architecture.

If you get a chance to head further north during your UK holiday, there’s a huge variety of activities you can do in Scotland as well as plenty of impressive sights to see. As well as a few underrated cities that have had a lot of investment put into them over the past few decades, Scotland has some truly unique scenery if you’re able to find the most beautiful areas. You might be advised to find time in your holiday schedule for a trip round some of the remote islands in the north, as you won’t find views like this anywhere else in Europe.