The best villages to visit in Spain

spainSpain is one of the many countries that are visited by thousands of people each year. Spain has different regions and has plenty of areas that can be explored. What’s more is that every region has something different to offer which makes the country a trendy destination to visit. If you’re looking to travel to Spain, we recommend some of the best villages that you wouldn’t want to miss.


The charming town of Lekeitio is known for their fishing docks, boats, local foods and beaches. The locals serve fresh seafood, and amazing tapas so don’t forget to try out their local dishes! If you’re also up for fishing or a boat ride, then this place is perfect for you.


Llastres is located by the seaside area and famously known for their delicious seafood restaurants. The town is all painted with white walls and orange rooftops which provides a stunning view when viewed from afar. If you want to see the whole town from above, we recommend visiting a nearby area called Mirador de San Roque.


Setenil de las BodegasSoller

Soller is located on the islands of Mallorca and is filled with breathtaking views of mountains and the sea. It’s the perfect location for travelling around the island. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit Picasso’s ceramic artwork which is located at a train station in Sala Picasso y Sala Miro.


Frigiliana is a small town located in Southern Spain. The town is mostly known for it’s white painted houses and tiled floor steps. The beautiful apartments and cottage with white painted provide a Greek vibe.

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is one of the quirkiest and unique towns in Spain. What sets the town from the rest is their humongous overhanging rock around the street. It’s the perfect location for any tourists who wish to see something new and different.

Travelling Tips


Travelling makes us feel excited and allows us to experience new places and different cultures, however, they can also sometimes make us feel stressed or overwhelmed especially when they are not planned properly. If you want to enjoy your holiday, it’s important to be always prepared beforehand. So to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free travel, make sure to use our following tips below.

Important documents

Before travelling, there are a few important documents that need to be checked and organised. The first thing is checking the expiration date of your passport and making sure it’s in date otherwise you cannot go anywhere without an up to date passport. Having copies of your passport is also essential for extra precaution. The next thing is checking if the country you are travelling to requires a visa.

Mobile phone

Most tourists rely heavily on their phone as it’s useful for many reasons. Inform your provider that you will be travelling away and wish to use your phone in a different country. The phone will be activated to ensure it works in a different country.


Travellers must inform their bank when they are travelling outside the country. This prevents your card from being blocked when used in a different country outside the UK. It’s also ideal to take out cash and exchange them for the currency you need. You want to prevent using your debit or credit card as there’s normally a charge for withdrawing money when you’re in a different country. If you do prefer to use a card, you can sign up for a currency card with a bank and this allows you withdraw in many countries without a fee.


Before you plan or even pick a destination, make sure you have done enough research about the area. It’s important to know that your destination is a safe place to visit. Furthermore, you can get an idea of where to visit and what kind of activities they have available.

Useful Apps for Travelling


Apps are becoming a useful tool for many things including travelling. Whether you’re trying to find a cheap hotel or a place to eat, we’re pretty sure there’s an app for that. So to make your travelling smooth and hassle-free, we’ve listed a few useful apps that can help you during your travel.


Whether you’re booking an accommodation a few days before your travel or in advance, Airbnb is your best friend for booking affordable accommodations. Airbnb tends to be private owners who hire a spare room or a flat to travellers in their area. They usually are cheaper than booking a room in a hotel and can sometimes be even less expensive than hostel if the flat is shared

uberUber or Lyft

You have probably heard of Uber which is one of the most popular apps for looking for a taxi near you. Uber is much more favourable and much safer than calling a taxi as you’ll be able to track where you’re going, and all information about the driver is visible. Uber also tends to be cheaper than a regular taxi. Just keep in mind that you’re more likely to find an Uber in popular cities rather than small locations. If you’re unable to find any uber, we recommend an alternative app which is called Lyft.

Airline App

Airline app is useful for travelling as it allows you to download your boarding pass digitally straight to your mobile devices. This app is super helpful for travellers who tend to keep their phone with them at all times. There would be no need for bringing any paper documents with you apart from your passport. The app is compatible with most airlines including British Airways, Thompson and many others. Another useful feature includes notifications alerts whenever there’s a delay or changes to your flight.

The Foreign Tourist’s Guide To The UK

If you’re visiting the UK from overseas for the first time, welcome! A lot of things in this country are a little confusing for people who aren’t familiar with them, so a little advice can go a long way. Here we’ve tried to compile some of our best advice for anyone entering the country for the first time on a tourist holiday.

Firstly, it’s important to bear in mind that London is not the only place with interesting things for tourists to experience in the country. In fact, many people would argue that spending a lot of time in London when you first visit the UK is actually a waste of money, because prices are significantly higher on the whole compared to the rest of the country. There are many lesser known tourist attractions all over the country which may be less recognisable than Tower Bridge or Big Ben, but are much cheaper, less crowded and sometimes even more impressive.

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on food here, because there is a strong culture around going out for meals and a huge number of commercial restaurant chains trying to take advantage of the latest culinary trends. However, like anywhere else, you can find bargains if you’re happy with takeaways and lesser known restaurants. Be sure to look up places online before you eat there, but luckily you’ll find almost all UK food establishments can be found online as we take our reviews seriously!

Alternatively, of course, you can cook for yourself. Budget European supermarkets are the best places to buy ingredients, such as Lidl and Aldi, and if you’re from another European country you’ll already know this. If you’re really concerned about keeping costs down and you’re used to cheaper food prices, you might find you have to do this at least some of the time. Again, though, outside of London you will find much more affordable food.

Getting around the UK as a tourist could cost a lot if you catch the train everywhere without much forward planning. The rail service is a lot more expensive than it is in most other countries, especially at peak times when commuters are travelling between home and work. A cheaper alternative is to get buses and coaches, although this can cost you more time.

Fortunately, many of the actual attractions in the UK are free to see or enter, which can lower your overall costs. There are many wonderful castles, stately homes and other historical buildings that are unlike anything any other country has to offer, many of them costing nothing or very little to visit. In fact, there are a huge range of different attractions on offer and most of them outside the capital are not widely known, so the best thing to do is look up the top attractions in any area you’re planning to visit and see what’s highly rated.