Affordable travel destinations in the UK


Holidays doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. You also don’t have to travel out of the country. In fact, travelling in your country is more affordable and more convenient if you’re looking for a short trip. If you’ve lived in the UK for years, you may be wondering where to visit next. Luckily, we’ve found some of the best and most affordable travel destinations in the UK.


Pembrokeshire offers great sceneries and sandy beaches. You can go for a pleasant stroll by the coastal path or visit the Pembroke Castle. If you’re going on a holiday with the little ones, you can keep them entertained by visiting a local farm or visiting the oakwood theme park.



Wales has some of the best seasides in the UK. One of their hidden gems is situated in Llandudno. You can go for a nice walk by the beach or have a classic fish and chips by the sea. While you’re in the area, you can stop by the famous Snowdonia which is a popular mountain and hiking area in the UK. There’s also a nearby town called Conwy which is filled with tourist activities and destinations.


Situated on the south coast of Cornwall, Pentewan is the whole package holiday area suitable for a family holiday. You can either book a caravan site or book a camping site where you can stay in your own tent. Inside Pentewan, there are plenty of activities available including tennis, arcades, water centre, playground and so much more. They also have various restaurants available in the area.

greater yarmouth

Greater Yarmouth

Another fabulous seaside holiday can be found in Greater Yarmouth. During summertime, there are plenty of events and festivals that you could go and visit. The main attraction in Greater Yarmouth is their sandy beaches and scenic areas that you can explore

Different ways to travel from London to Scotland

If you’re from London and are looking for a change of scenery or want to get away from the busy lifestyle, then Scotland is the perfect escape. It’s a great destination to explore, and there are different ways you can travel from London to Scotland.

Sleeper Train

From London, you can book a sleeper train where you can travel at night and arrive at your destination during the day. The sleeper train runs from London Euston every night except Saturdays. It offers accommodation with beds, reclining chairs and a dining area. The train stops at different areas in Scotland including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Fort William, Edinburgh and Inverness. 


Taking the plane is the quickest way to get to Scotland. You may also find discounts when buying your ticket last minute. London has numerous airports you can choose from, including Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted. There are also several low budget airlines that you may want to check out if you’re on a budget.


A typical train journey from London to Scotland can take up to 4 hours or more depending on which train station you’re stopping. The closest train station is situated in Glasgow, which approximately takes 4 hours. For a discounted fare, make sure to book your ticket well I advanced or take advantage of rail discounts.


You can skip the public transport and travel using your vehicle. Bear in mind that it can take up to 7 hours or more to arrive from London to Scotland depending on which destination. If you also fancy a road trip, then this route may be more suited for you. Along the way, you’ll have the freedom to stop off at other cities including Lake District or Birmingham. Travelling by car is also another cheap option to travel if you’re in a group as you can split the fuel cost.

Top Glamping Spots in the UK


Glamping is the new form of camping where it involves camping in style. Instead of camping in a tent, glamping is all about camping in stylish pods where it’s more comfortable compared to your regular camping tent. If you’re looking to try glamping for the first time, there are several glamping sites in the UK that you can try. We’ve listed some of the best glamping sites in the UK below.

Aviemore Glamping

The Aviemore glamping site is situated in Scotland. It offers eco-wooden pods suited for two guests. The compact wooden pods come with other facilities including a small fridge, tea and coffee machines and an outdoor campfire pit. It’s also close to the main building where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a great mini pod for first-timers.

Mulino Pods

Mulino Pods are located just by the edge of the Peak District. They provide a stylish oak glamping pods with all the necessities included from the kitchen, outdoor bench and outdoor balcony space. The pods are also decorated with chic homey furniture that makes you feel like you’re at home. Moreover, guests can also access a nearby farm for a free tour. Not far from the area there’s also a town nearby where guests can explore, shop, visit a local café or go for a stroll.

West Stow Pods

Each pod are located in a private segment in the Thetford Forest Park. This type of pod is suitable for a family of four. It has everything you’ll need, including double beds, sofa, television and a mini kitchen. Outside the pods, there’s a designated area for a family barbecue and a dining bench. There’s also a play area to occupy the little ones. It’s the perfect family holiday where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.