How to Plan a Wedding in Cyprus

For a lot of us, the absolute dream wedding is a Cyprus wedding. The gorgeous scenery, the reliable weather, the local customs and culture you can incorporate, it just makes for a smoother, happier, easier wedding, while helping create a truly magical experience.

That’s not to say it’s without its difficulties, however. Planning a wedding abroad can be pretty tricky, but with a little research, and our guide, you’ll find yourself putting together your dream wedding in no time at all.

Choose the Perfect Location

By that, I don’t mean just pointing at a whole country and saying ‘there!’. You need to be specific, and ideally, you should have already visited the location you want to have your wedding.

That means expeditionary holidays to check out different locations and see where would be absolutely perfect, unless you already know the country well.

When it comes to actually choosing the location, do your research, and make sure it’s somewhere you really love. What’s the point of travelling so far from home if you’re not going to be finicky about the location?

Hire a Great Wedding Planner

The whole point of having a wedding abroad is being relaxed! That’s why we all go on holiday, after all, to get away from all the stresses and tensions of everyday life. That’s exactly why you need a quality wedding planner. Finding the right local wedding planner can be its own hassle, however.

When it comes to finding the right wedding planner, you need to make sure you talk to a range of proven local options, getting quotes and having chats with everyone. Read plenty of online reviews, and make sure you know you can trust them completely.

Weddings are a special, powerful day in anyone’s life, so it can be very hard to let go of the reins and allow the planner to take over properly, even more so if you don’t trust them completely. That’s why you need to find someone absolutely perfect for your wedding.

Use the Internet Extensively

When it comes to wedding planning, the internet is easily the greatest tool in the world. It’s a directory of millions of businesses, ideas, images, tutorials and stories. In short, it’s everything you need when putting together a really special day.

It seems obvious to state it, but just make sure you’re making full use of the internet, from wedding planning forums, to YouTube tutorials and guides, to Pinterest idea boards, all the way over to wedding service companies, there’s absolutely everything you need online.

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