Useful Apps for Travelling


Apps are becoming a useful tool for many things including travelling. Whether you’re trying to find a cheap hotel or a place to eat, we’re pretty sure there’s an app for that. So to make your travelling smooth and hassle-free, we’ve listed a few useful apps that can help you during your travel.


Whether you’re booking an accommodation a few days before your travel or in advance, Airbnb is your best friend for booking affordable accommodations. Airbnb tends to be private owners who hire a spare room or a flat to travellers in their area. They usually are cheaper than booking a room in a hotel and can sometimes be even less expensive than hostel if the flat is shared

uberUber or Lyft

You have probably heard of Uber which is one of the most popular apps for looking for a taxi near you. Uber is much more favourable and much safer than calling a taxi as you’ll be able to track where you’re going, and all information about the driver is visible. Uber also tends to be cheaper than a regular taxi. Just keep in mind that you’re more likely to find an Uber in popular cities rather than small locations. If you’re unable to find any uber, we recommend an alternative app which is called Lyft.

Airline App

Airline app is useful for travelling as it allows you to download your boarding pass digitally straight to your mobile devices. This app is super helpful for travellers who tend to keep their phone with them at all times. There would be no need for bringing any paper documents with you apart from your passport. The app is compatible with most airlines including British Airways, Thompson and many others. Another useful feature includes notifications alerts whenever there’s a delay or changes to your flight.

Why shepherds huts are gaining popularity with UK travellers?

Shepherds huts have been around since the 14th and 15th centuries. Originally they were used as temporary accommodation for shepherds looking after their flocks in the field. Hundreds of years laters, and Shepherds huts are once again popular but with a new purpose. Restyled as the new ‘middle class must-have accessory’, these huts are being transformed into beautiful accommodation that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Shepherds huts are extremely versatile, which makes them popular with travellers. They include the essential home comforts such as heating, cooking and washing facilities all wrapped up in a traditional style shepherds hut – this makes them very appealing to travellers looking for something different.

Why shepherds huts are popular today?

The British people are in love with the charm and versatility of shepherds huts. One of the major reasons for their popularity is ‘glamping’, the recent concept of luxury camping. Due to the financial instability caused by recessions and Brexit, many people can’t afford to go abroad for a holiday. Instead, they are choosing UK-based holidays, and glamping allows people to get away without spending large amounts of money on accommodation. As the popularity of glamping has increased, the facilities have evolved to include new favourites such as Shepherd Huts and sleeping pods. You can still take part in the regular outdoor activities enjoyed by many on a camping holiday, enjoy the natural views and avoid the crowds. These huts give you all the same benefits of camping but with some of the home luxuries you wouldn’t expect. Modern shepherds huts are very well designed. There are double glazed windows, a strong roof, en-suite bathrooms, a fire pit and other luxuries. For the tranquility and peace it offers, the shepherds huts are becoming popular holiday lodgings in the UK.

Many British people now enjoy spending their holidays in a shepherds hut. They like to go to a seaside or rural destinations across England, Scotland and Wales. Popular locations for staying in a shepherd huts include the Norfolk Broads, Lake District, Scottish Highlands and Peak District. As more people are holidaying in the UK, it also contributes positively to the British economy.

Features of a modern shepherds hut

In addition to holiday accommodation, modern shepherds huts are being used in everyday environments. Designed according to your requirements, huts can be used as an extra bedroom, children’s playroom or Summer house. You can choose roughly sawn woods like Cedar or Oak as the exterior, and painted wood finishes and corrugated steel are also used for the exterior. You can find these in different colors. You can customise the interior of the hut according to your own requirements. Modern huts are fully insulated to protect you from harsh weather conditions. These huts have everything you need for a modern living. Continue reading

UK Day Trips That Make Perfect Gifts

Sometimes it’s just too hard to find a present for someone who seems to have everything they want already, so a great solution is to give them something we could all use more of: fun activities and happy memories!

It’s not necessary to jet off to another country to experience something new, either, because across the UK there are many fantastic day trips and weekend getaways that could make for great gifts, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

Head to a shopping village

If you think your friend or loved one would enjoy picking out their own gift, combining that experience with a trip to somewhere new could be the ideal solution. Bicester Village is one of the best of these locations in the country, with a huge range of discount designer shops (plus food outlets so you can refuel and extend the trip).

Relax with a spa weekend

An alternative to a fast-paced shopping spree could be more suited to someone who needs some personal time to relax. If you want something a little different to the usual spa experience, you’ll find various unusual treatments on offer at the Turkish Baths & Health Spa in Harrogate, one of the most impressive spas in the UK.

Stay at The Chocolate Hotel

Located in Bournemouth is one of the UK’s most desirable boutique hotels. This trendy, confectionery-themed destination is perfect for chocolate lovers, who can learn the perfect wines to pair with different chocolates during their stay, as well as tucking into plenty of complimentary treats.

Get them a historical society membership

If you know the person you’re buying for has a keen interest in historical sites, but you’re not sure where they’d most like to visit next, why not get them a membership with either the National Trust or English Heritage? Between the two, almost all of the best buildings and sites in the country are covered, so they’ll be able to enjoy free or discounted entry to countless attractions in the coming year.

Professional cooking classes

If your friend or family member is interested in cooking, professional lessons in a commercial kitchen setting could be a fantastic experience. Many top restaurants in London (and increasingly across the country) are now offering these sessions as a bonus for fans of their food. Several celebrity chef-owned establishments are doing the same, so you might be able to tie in your gift with their favourite TV cook.

4 Top Luxury Ski Destinations for an Unforgettable Holiday

Skiing holidays are one of the most popular types of activity holiday for UK travellers. A luxury ski holiday is something that everyone must do at least once in their lives. The great thing about the resorts we look at today is that all of them cater for families and individuals. Skiing is a great idea for a family holiday, and luxury ski destinations have the best and well-rounded services that will make you feel like a king or queen. From hot tubs to gourmet (and very delicious) meals to your own mini hotel accommodation – you can find it all at these amazing ski destinations.

1. Ski Hiver Chalets in France

The Ski Hiver chalets offer self-catering options as well as a catered option. The chalets are run by a family who has been in business for more than 20 years and offers the best and affordable ski holidays in France. It is truly the best luxury ski chalet in France and it is great for the whole family. You will enjoy delicious food, fantastic ski adventures, and beautiful sights.

2. Chalet Bighorn in Canada

Bighorn has received the award for ‘World’s Best Ski Chalet’ for 3 years running. It offers a unique experience for the whole family. It is located at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort and offers some truly amazing services and adventures. They offer bespoke heliskiing which is a new ski concept that is unique to Bighorn. You can choose to fly in a helicopter or you can ride the lift to get to the tallest ski hill in North America. When you get back from your adventure, you are treated with delicious food cooked by an award-winning chef in the luxury and warmth of this beautiful chalet.

3. ski slopesHahnenkamm Lodge in Austria

If you are looking for a recharge holiday or a romantic getaway, Hahnenkamm Lodge in Kitzbühel is the place to go. This luxury ski destination has some of the most exclusive private chalets in the Alps. This lodge is located near the best ski area in the world and will offer a lot of adventure and unique ski experiences. You will experience first-class service with the best chefs in the world as well as luxurious and comfortable accommodations. You will be inspired, recharged, and content after a holiday at the Hahnenkamm.

4. No. 14 Verbier in Switzerland

No.14 Verbier is known across the world as the ultimate luxury ski destination. This specific accommodation is actually a refurbished hotel with 13 en-suite rooms. It is the perfect accommodation for special events like anniversaries and birthdays where the whole family is invited. There are so many great services available including an indoor swimming pool, a spa with a Jacuzzi, cold plunge, and treatment rooms with massage therapist included. You will also find 2 cedar hot tubs, a home cinema complete with gaming consoles, WiFi, Sky TV, and a complimentary bar with all kinds of goodies. To make it even better, your meals will be cooked by Michelin star chefs. We cannot imagine anything more amazing than a week or two at No.14 Verbier.

A ski holiday is a must for everyone. If you have a big event coming up or just need some fresh air and a break, consider booking a ski holiday with one of these amazing destinations. You will return home a different person. Continue reading